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The key to this is balance. There is an ancient, and still viable, philosophy that considers all medical conditions as a failure of balance in the organism. This has been best expressed in the Chinese concept of yin and yang.


The balance suggested by yin and yang is not static, and “homeostasis” doesn’t adequately capture the concept. The concept of yin and yang is dynamic balance — a process of constant change, intelligently responsive to the environment. This is how a healthy body naturally functions, and what NutraGenom seeks to support with its biotechnology innovations.


The Mission of NutraGenom

NutraGenom was founded to develop innovative contributions to the advancement of human health.


We understand that as the stresses imposed by modern conditions increase, a new and broader understanding of health is required. The race to defeat one disease after another, while providing demonstrable benefits, cannot keep pace with our changing world. What’s needed are interventions that create a sustainable foundation for physical wellbeing.

Rock Balancing


In pursuit of its mission, NutraGenom’s initial focus was the amelioration of nutritional deficiencies through analysis of DNA. The unexpected discovery of a new biotechnology—Zydrogen   MHT—inspired a dramatic change of direction. 


Knowing that we could capture and sustain large volumes of molecular hydrogen in the human body, we recognized that we had a far more powerful way to serve our primary purpose. H2 can rapidly restore the body’s capacity for dynamic balance, by reducing the inflammatory effects of oxidative stress throughout the system.


NutraGenom’s biotechnology can restore a yin-yang balance to reduce and even reverse some of the signs and symptoms aging.


The health potential of H2 is so significant, with so many applications, that we decided to devote ourselves exclusively to developing this new technology.

NutraGenon assembled a “team of leaders” to meet the challenge of placing ZydrogenZydrogen   MHT, and its multiple benefits, in reach of as many people as possible. We are now actively seeking partnerships that will help accelerate the fulfillment of our mission and vision.




Get to Know Us



Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gene has held positions as the Senior Research and Director of R&D with Unilever (Lever Brothers, USA), WARNER Lambert (Pfizer), Sandoz (Novartis), Schering Plough (Merck) and MacroChem Corp.


Over the course of his 25-year career with these health care companies, he designed, directed and executed numerous R&D projects in dermatology, gastroenterology, dental care as well developing new methods for drug delivery.

Gene has authored or co-authored 17 patents and 30 publications/presentations as well as winning awards for developing innovative product concepts.



Co-Founder & VP of Consumer Affairs

Before co-founding NutraGenom, Judy served as consultant to Morrison Management Specialists and as Director of Clinical Nutrition and Patient Services for the University Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV.

Her earlier career included research, service and management positions at: Protocare Trials for Clinical Research, Orange, CA; St. Joseph’s Hospital, Orange, CA; St. Francis Medical Center, Trenton, NJ and O.D. Heck Development Center, Schenectady, NY. 

Judy’s education includes: Dietary Internship, NYS; B.S. Clinical Nutrition (Cum Laude), SUNY; A.A.S. Nutrition Care (Magna Cum Laude); Maria College, Albany, NY.



President & Chief Operating Officer

Chen has worked as a scientist and an entrepreneur in the food, nutritional, and pharmaceutical industries for over 25 years. Early in his professional career, Chen conducted research on human metabolism and the development of chronic degenerative diseases. He then worked for a pharmaceutical company to develop product, formulation and technology while serving as an adjunct faculty in the School of Health and Human Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

During the last 20 years, Chen has founded and also helped grow numerous business ventures, successfully bringing innovative health ingredients, novel nutritional supplements, and unique medical devices to the global market.



VP of Business Development

James Timmins is a 25-year veteran of life science business development, after a stellar technical career where his invention formed the basis of 2 of the first 10 approved biotech products.  He has launched over a dozen companies that were spun off Fortune 50 research divisions and university technologies. and licensed over a dozen breakthrough patents.  In addition his expertise includes all aspects of IND development (GLP, GMP) and regulated facilities launch and management.



Marketing and Branding Consultant

Jon Ward has over 30 years’ experience as a marketing and branding consultant, serving clients ranging from one-person startups to billion-dollar corporations. In the field of business education, his clients and collaborators have included Robert Kiyosaki, Harv Eker and Bob Proctor. 

As co-owner of Young Associates, a flourishing Phoenix-based advertising agency, Jon worked as writer and creative director serving clients in multiple industries nationwide.



Director of Quality and Compliance

David Chance has over 30 years of experience working in a variety of roles in clinical nutrition, nutrition research, the pharmaceutical industry, and in marketing and sales management in the nutrition industry. His early career in nutrition research focused on interventions for obese populations and the metabolic changes caused by diets. Combined with experiences in both clinical settings, cellular and pharmaceutical lab positions, and sales and marketing for nutrition products, David has a broad level of experience in all aspects of nutrition product development. 
David has served as the National Sales and Marketing Manager for Sanmark and Innobioactives for more than 15 years. Prior to joining Sanmark, David worked in pharma, as a R&D and product development scientist and a quality lab chemist, as a Registered Dietitian in clinical roles and research settings managing a GCRC Metabolic Research Kitchen, and as a communication and media specialist for the dairy industry. 
David has a B.S. in Biochemical Nutrition and a M.S. in Nutrition Science. 

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Project Manager

Kevin believes in the importance of a strong technical background in driving projects forward to completion.

At Epic Systems he worked with multiple large East Coast health systems to strategically integrate population health initiatives with their EHR systems. In this role, Kevin worked with a diverse cast of characters including hospital CMIOs, clinicians, analytics teams, and IT staff to create software solutions to challenges around providing value-based care and managing patient outcomes at the population level.

Kevin also has experience working with medical devices and natural health products. He holds a BSE in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University.

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