Fasting Support & Appetite Control

Weight management requires calorie restriction most of the day, and that’s only possible when appetite can be controlled. Will power alone is notoriously unreliable. What’s needed is an experience of fullness without calories.


H2-Satiety Gel solves the problem simply and pleasantly.  The unique biopolymer used in H2B expands in water to many times its original volume. Yet it contains no calories. By consuming a specially formulated form of H2B, patients experience repletion. Taken when hungry, H2-Satiety Gel is the ideal support for intermittent fasting. Taken before a meal, H2-Satiety Gel  reduces the desire to over-eat.


Molecular Hydrogen Supports Weight Control

The presence of molecular hydrogen in the H2-Satiety Gel adds significantly to its value as a weight control intervention. H2 released from the biopolymer polysaccharide in the gut increases the feeling of fullness. As the gel is digested, it begins to counter the inflammation associated with obesity and excess weight.


In other words H2-Satiety Gel helps patients both lose weight and gain health.

Novel Delivery for Greater Compliance

Other products have been designed to expand in the gut on consumption to reduce appetite. Traditionally, these are provided in multiple doses of vary large capsules, which deter compliance.


H2-Satiety Gel is provided in a powder form that is mixed with water prior to consumption. The resulting gel has a pleasant texture, and through careful formulation a delicious lemon taste.


Compliance is the make-or-break factor in almost every weight control program, so a product that is enjoyable to consume offers a huge clinical advantage.


Exclusively Available Through Healthcare Professionals

H2-Satiety Gel is only available through professionals. It cannot be purchased by patients or clients on this website, on Amazon, or through any other retail outlet.


If you are a professional, we welcome you to register with NUTRAGENOM by providing a copy of your license. You can then access H2-Satiety Gel for purchase.